When it comes to quality and consistency, Lafiness marinades by AVO are developed under strict procedures and practices to ensure the best results possible. All marinades flavors are sent out for microbiological testing as well as testing in AVO’s state of the art research and development center. All of our products are accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis and batch traceability, listings of every ingredient’s origin and a technical specification sheet with nutritional information. When stored at our warehouse facility, all products are handled under HACCP program standards. This includes segregating products with allergens and storing products in a dry, well maintained storage facility.

We believe that quality should not only describe our products. Quality service for all customers is among the most important aspect of our business. We continually aid our customers in product ideation and development to bring new and exciting products to their customers. From the moment an order is placed, to the moment your customer is satisfied, Europena will be with you every step of the way.